Monday, August 8, 2016

Adult learners on the rise

You know what they say--you are never done learning.

And I learned of a fun new site called Education Dive ( Check it out.

Anyway, writing on there, Jarrett Carter says adults are expected to grow as a major sector in the undergraduate scene in the next nine years.

This will require more flexible scheduling, new options for payment, and additional chances for business and industries to credential workers.

States like Florida, Tennessee and New York are working on legislation to induce colleges to recruit adult learners.

All of this will change universities for all. Schools will partner with large-scale employers to direct workers to training programs.

Some of this will be online and the rest on-campus.

I have said all along that companies need to be active in education and training--and not just hope students of all ages will come up with the gigantic investments to somehow meet their needs.


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