Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dissatisfied employees can cause trouble did a study of 1,609 employees--on work ethics. They compared employees who liked their jobs with those who didn't.

--51% of the dissatisifed people had stolen something from the employer--10% said it was something of significant monetary value. For satisfied workers, this was 39% amd 3% taking something of value.

--29% of the dissatisfied workers spent at least a half an hour on the internet for personal purposes--this was 22% for happy employees.

--18% of the dissatisfied would not tell on an employee they knew was stealing, compared with 9% of the satisfied.

--If the boss went on vacay, 16% of the dissatisfied would slack off, while only 6% of the others would.

You get the drift.

Hire wisely. By the way, 11% of the dissatisfied had been fired for theft or rule-breaking--while only 6% of the happy workers had.

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