Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Here comes Star again--scolding

CareerBuilder did yet another survey on what you might be doing wrong in job hunting.

Debra Auerbach wrote it up.

She remarks that like on the show The Bachelorette, if you become too confident you know it all you might be a goner.

Basic pitches. The most common error is use the same generic resume and cover letter for everything. More than half of people don't customize their resume to each employer. Find those keywords in the job description--use them.

To Whom It May Concern. This phrase is SO over with. Never use it. Almost 84% don't even find out the manager's name. This is research that will pay off.

Cutting cover letter corners. Almost half--45%--don't even include a cover letter! This is your chance to humanize yourself and your desire for the job.

Bad followup. Thirty-seven percent don't even follow up--applications can get lost in the shuffle. No stalking, but after a week or ten days you can ask is there more information I can provide?

Thank yous. Sending a thank you note right after the interview is a way to make a good impression--good and rare--57% of applicants don't. This is your chance to be gracious, show you are pleasant to work with, and reinforce what a good employee you'd be.

You know all this--right? Do you do it?

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