Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Is a co-bot coming in your future?

Jason Karaian, Nextgov, August 4, 2016, says some Oxford researchers think 47% of jobs in the US are at risk of  being replaced by robots.

In developing countries, this may be only 10% but is still worrying for those places.

Both repetitive manual labor and higher-level brain tasks may be performed by machines.

The robot companies are trying to soften the fear by talking about co-bots--machines that collaborate with humans.

These same Oxford people are trying to figure out which jobs will put humans in demand in 2030.

To determine what skills humans will need--they asked robots. Of course.

This guy, Michael Osborne, and an innovation nonprofit called Nesta will run workshops this year with academics and futurists to look into the future of work.

An algorithm will cross-reference the skills they (and their robots)  think will be needed with a data-based of job-specific skills from the Labor Dept.

One thing they already think they know: Jobs of the future will require mixes and depths of skills that are currently rare.

Well, let us know what we should be doing...OK?

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