Monday, August 29, 2016

Maybe working at home is not best for Millennials

Meredith Bennett-Smith, Government Executive Magazine, Aug 24, 2016, says telecommuting is on the rise. Almost 40% of workers say they have worked from home at some point. That was 9% in 1995.

Companies tend to encourage this now--cutting office overhead and increasing productivity.

In ten years, in fact, new companies may not even shell out for offices.

Still, don't write off the "real" office just yet. Gathering people in a physical space provides intellectual stimulation, collaboration, and better time management.

Sometimes a text or email won't cut it..People face to face feed off each other's energy and enthusiasm.

People get to know each other better--get more interested in the work and the good of the rest of  the team. You can read body language. There is less miscommunication.

You can never get away from home--but you can leave the office behind. Or should be able to without escaping to someplace with no cell service.

When Marissa Mayer--CEO of Yahoo--banned telecommuting, everyone freaked out.

She said most people are more productive at home--but more coolaborative and innovative when they are together.

And she stuck to it.

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