Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Money issues can distract employees

When people have money issues pecking at them, it makes working more difficult.

Therefore some businesses are promoting the use of software called Your Money Made Easy.

Along with this, they put on seminars and training aimed at  managing personal finances.

Many people think about doing a budget and then it seems too hard and their minds drift to other things--but not necessarily to work...

In the US, half of the households are middle income--but only 30% of households with an income from $30K to $75K have any sort of a budget.

Result: pain, lost sleep, worry.

Your Money Made Easy (yourmoneymadeeasy.com) is a Windows program that creates a framework for day-to-day management.

A company promotes it--the supervisors use it. Everyone is ecnouraged to try it. After the 30-day evaluation period, those who continue get reimbursed for the license fee.

People  in payroll or human resources are trained to help users.

Sounds interesting...I guess the company-based aspect is the unique part.

I would wonder how closely employees would want their fellow employees to be clued into their financial situation.

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