Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Standing desk--are you using it right?

That's the latest--sitting supposedly kills you worse than smoking so you need to stand at work. I don't buy it--but plenty do and now these standing desks are "the thing."

Kathleen Hale, founder of Chair Free Project (www.chairfreeproject.com), dedicated to getting people out of chairs, has some tips:

Get an anti-fatigue mat for your feet. These reduce pressure--you may want one for the kitchen and other rooms, too.

Ease into using your standing desk. If you are used to sitting, suddenly standing all day can be a shock. More more than two hours total at first. Try not to lock your knees.

Move. Even people standing need to take a break every 30  minutes and move. Take a walk, something.

Try a leaning stool. This sort of pitches you forward and can be great for rests.

Twist. Even though, you are standing, twist side to side occasionally.

Place your wrists correctly. Some keyboard trays can be an add-on.

Don't lean on the desk. Walk or twist or something.

You might like walking so much, you get a treadmill desk.


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