Thursday, August 4, 2016

The business pluses of gratitude

Kate Zabriskie, Government Executive Magazine, says thanking people in the business world will keep you from appearing "an ungrateful and uncouth toad." Don't you want to be a non-toad?

Whom should you thank?

--How about bosses who take time to support you, provide you an opportunity or include you?

--Thank "down"--to those on your team who stayed late to finish a project. Or put out extra effort some other way.

--How about customers? Thank them--without them you would not have a job.

--Or suppliers--don't you like on-time and pleasant relations?

--Thank the office cleaning staff. How about the cashier in the cafeteria? The security guard--he or she is there day after day.

What if you expressed gratitude once an hour--would your office be a better place? Someone might even thank you!

Other tips:

--Beyond a simple "thank you," sometimes you need to get specific, elaborate a little.

--Get personal. "You did a great job with Power Point today--I am never that confident with Power Point, I learned from you."

You can use email, a paper card (like the ones you used to send to Grandma), or just go out of your way to take the person aside.

My daughter works at Wendy's and you would be surprised how many drive-though customers take the time to go to the website, tinker around, and send her a compliment for her service. It means a lot. We have them on the wall.

By the way--thanks for reading this!

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