Friday, August 5, 2016

What if the boss steals your idea?

Deanna Hartley deals with this common issue in CareerBuilder. If the boss suddenly seems all confused over who did what or who suggested what and tries to take credit, what can you do?

First, do not run around telling all your coworkers. This could come back to bite you and your coworkers may start not trusting you.

Talk to loved ones only--your support system.

Pick your battles--Is this one worth it?

Seek the advice of a mentor. Maybe you can come up with a practical approach.

And--you can attempt to talk to the boss directly. Don't let your resentment overflow. If this is a repeated pattern, be calm. Just have clear in your mind the point you want to get across--and the desired action you want.

Keep track of all your ideas in writing.

Also try other ways to keep your name out there--be a guest blogger, maybe, or speak at a function.

Your last resort is to request a transfer. This can have many unexpected consequences.

The worst case of this I  knew of--funny now--was my boss back when I had a "real" job. Our boss above him had a real sadistic streak. They were preparing for a big meeting and I had included an unusual quote into my boss's speech. They rehearsed and rehearsed. When the meeting came, the big boss opened stealing my boss's quote...My boss was speaking next and his talk had been gutted.

Not the time.

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