Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Announcement about this blog

I started Do the Hopey Copey when the present administration came in--I foresaw economic difficulties, especially for those entering the workforce.

And I was right, if I may say so.

Over the last eight years, I have tried to bring my own wacky home-grown experience as a former trade association executive (corporate) and writer (gig economy) to you. I also scoured the internet for useful advice on mastering the job market.

But my numbers are down. Most of the Hopey Copey readers are overseas (planning to "take our jobs?" LOL). No one ever commented. Does anyone care?

I also was finding my material mostly on or

In other words, this blog was languishing. So I am ending it.

You can check the websites I mentioned on your own.

I think the whole world is undergoing wrenching structural changes--in globalism, technology, and on the social side (religion, race, nationalism, etc).

Change is coming fast. You have to learn everyday to keep from being crushed under the wheels.

I have done what I could over eight years--now you must put my advice to use and I wish you luck and prosperity.

If you like my little stories and so on, I will continue my daily site HEALTH'Sass. Why should disease and disorder be boring and serious? Bookmark

See you there.

Oh--and PS. There are almost 2,000 posts on here--timeless advice, I like to think. I am not taking those down...

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