Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Do you groan when someone says "meeting"?

Amy McDonnell, CareerBuilder, says many people dread meetings. The sitting, the rambling, idea-stealing, the showboating, the time away from "work," gag.

Want to pep these up and be a hero to your coworkers?

Ask for an agenda ahead of time. Just ask the meeting caller for a brief rundown on what will be discussed, Distribute this.

Ask on-point questions. How does this differ from what we decided last week? How long will this take? Do we have a budget?

Bring snacks. Even if it's some Kit-Kats, people will appreciate it.

Try the "yes and" trick. Everyone who talks builds on the previous person, saying, "Yes, and..."

If things stall or people argue, tryy to bring up a different perspective. Even tell a joke.

But then keep people on topic. Keep out pop culture gossip or limit it to the first few minutes.

And ALWAYS--establish what the next steps are. Alice, you are going to..." "Bob, remember to talk to ..." Let's meet again on Friday. OK--we're done."

When I had a "real" job, I realized pretty early on that some people LIKED meetings--they were like a little vacay from the tasks at hand and a chance to talk and one-up others.

No Kit-Kats for them!

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