Thursday, September 8, 2016

Four-day workweek--could be bad for you

Allard Dembe, in a piece reprinted from The Conversation, says a four-day work schedule supposedly gives employees more time for family, including caring for elders.

Of course, each day is longer. This saves companies money on turning on the lights when no one is there.

Amazon is thinking of an even shorter week--30 hours--but only for select employees, who would then be paid 75% of their salary.

BUT--before you get too excited--remember, there are still only 24 hours in a day.

Health issues can develop from working over a certain daily threshold of hours. A study showed that the risk of an  industrial accident is up 37% for those working over 12 hours a day.

Women working more than 60 hours a week (12 hrs a day), are three times more likely to suffer heart disease, cancer, arthritis, or diabetes.

And the stress--you are expected to do the same amount as a full week.

The longer day actually takes the parent(s) away from the after school interaction period with kids.

The author liked the idea of knocking off at noon on Fridays--this adds one hour per day to the schedule.

What do you think?

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