Thursday, September 1, 2016

More on extreme perks

I have heard that some startups and Silicon Valley types are cutting back on the weird perks, but Career Builder saw fit to list some the other day in a story by Mary Lorenz.

Apparently, some companies are OK with day drinking--with "Whiskey Fridays" or beer vending machines. They claim employees bond over a cold one--and are more creative.

Nap time is also OK with many companies, including Google, Zappos, Uber, and PwC. Sixty-one percent of employees, according to Career Builder, don't get enough sleep. The loss of productivity is in the billions--$86.9 billion, to be exact. (How can they be that exact--never mind.)

At least one company--Flowhub, which provides software for the cannabis industry-- allows edibles, sodas, and juices on the job. I recently saw a freelance ad that said "must be 4/20 friendly."

How about gender reassignment? Seven yrs ago, 49 major US employers offered transgender-inclusive health care--today that is more than 500 companies.

Paid sabbaticals are not just for college profs  anymore either,  Sometimes you have to pursue something useful or you may be able to get a shorter unpaid leave to do anything you please.

Concierge services! Dry cleaning, mailing, travel arrangements--handled my someone else...Sounds heavenly.

But not as heavenly as on-site massages. The companies that offer this see it as helping employees stay healthy

And, of course, dogs. No more petsitters or dog walkers--bring Bingo to work. And this is not limited to pet food companies.

Why do they do this? Well, cynical people say it's so employees won't want to telecommute or will stay at work for ungodly hours. But those are very, very cynical people.

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