Thursday, September 15, 2016

Other trends that affect new professions

Could you fix this?
Yesterday, I posted on lifestyle behaviors that are spawning or increasing certain professions.

Today, it's technical advancements (again courtesy of CareerBuilder).


Apps and smart tech  -- Software developers are up 17% since 2012

Tracking online behavior -- Marketing managers up 10%

Technology now in every aspect of life -- Computer user support up 11%

Catching health problems sooner and extending lives -- Med records and health info is up 8%

Big data -- Database administrators up 9%

Incorporation of tech into everything -- Technical writers up 11%

Globalization has also supported some professions:

Diff time zones -- Customer service reps up 9%

Need for greater understanding of markets -- Market research analysts up 15%

Expanding business across borders --Interpreters, translators up 14%

Helping the world's environment -- Wind turbine techs up 37% (that's a turbine in the pix)

Maps for mobile phones -- Cartographers and photogrammetrists up 16%

Haven o idea what that last is--you better check. It may be your dream job,

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