Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remedial college classes have mixed reviews

It's no secret at this point that many secondary schools do not send students on to college fully prepared for the work.

One survey shows that of students who started college in 2003-4, 68% of those beginning at 2-year institutions and 40% at public 4-year schools took at least one remedial course.

But do these help? This has been questioned for years.

Of course, students must complete these courses to get any benefit. Again, the numbers aren't great. Of students enrolled in remedial courses, only half of those at 2-yr schools and 60% at 4-yr schools finished the classes in which they enrolled.

But--the study showed that completing remedial courses did help weakly prepared students--they had a greater chance of completing their courses and transferring to a 4-yr school than their peers who took no remedial courses.

The benefits for more strongly prepared students were not as evident, though.

And, the researchers said, colleges need to look into why students don't finish remedial classes.

I wonder if by weakly prepared they mean students from disadvantaged school systems?

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