Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Star Trek--you were ahead of your time

Mun Keat Lool, writing in Nextgov, says Star Trek is 50 and in that time, many of its "far out" ideas have come to reality.

Some examples:

Tablet computers
Tractor beams
Flip communicators--badge communicators
Cloaking devices
Voice interface computers (Siri)
Transparent aluminum
Bluetooth headset (Uhura)
Google glass
Portable memory (floppies to sticks)
Focused ultrasound
Biometric data tracking (health, ID)
Automatic doors
Big screen displays
Real-time universal translators
VISOR (bionic eyes for the blind)
Diagnostic beds

Yeah, yeah, but where are the:

Beam me uppers
Moneyless society
Vulcan nerve pinch

Actually, my father mastered the Vulcan nerve pinch--for youngsters who acted up in restaurants.
And what about Spanx? Don'tell me Captain Kirk didn't have some "help" under those tight tunics.

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